Glass tube LED

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Glass tube LED
low cost・high efficiency future LED lamp
Conventional materials of glass lamps made it possible to serve you at a very low price.
Europe has very large number of glass tube LED users。
It only weighs 450mg(40w type 1200mm)

LED lamp
●G13/R17d cap measure の20w/40w/110w type it fits LED lamp、multi lamp type。
●Its design to adapt to wide range of voltage from 100v to 280v。
●We listen to your request on which side to set the wire it could be both sides

※20w, 100w you could choose the size。
※ We could set the power line in either side or both.

Voltage       AC100~240V
Consumption    10W
Power        Internal
Length       580mm  
Flux        1200lm
Color        5000K
Cap        G13  
Lifespan      40000H  
Environment    -20℃~40℃  
Cover        Ra82  
Angle        320°  
Protection      IP20  

Voltage      AC100~240V
Consumption   18W
Power       Internal
Length      1198mm
Flux        2300lm
Color       5000K
Cap       G13
Life span     40000H
Temperature   -20℃~40℃
  Cover     Ra82
Angle       320°
Protection    IP20